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A photowalk is  a social photography event where photographers gather in a particular spot to photograph for an hour or more then have a social gathering after.

The good is that Scott Kelby’s worldwide photowalk never took place in Kuwait until now. It’s going to be on October 5th at Souk Al Mubarkeya.

There are some pretty cool prizes to be won including an Adobe Creative Cloud Membership and a canon 70D. So far there are 700 registered photowalks with 8500+ photographers.

Oh, don’t forget that the prizes are not just for the Kuwait event, it’s a worldwide event. If you are interested and beloieve you got what it takes, you can register for Kuwait’s photowalk on

  • Date: October 5th, 2013 (Saturday)
  • Time: 10a.m – 12p.m
  • Location: Souk Al Mubarkiya, Kuwait City

Don’t forget:
Charge your battery.
Empty your memory card.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Wear comfortable clothes.

Follow their Instagram: WWPWKuwait

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fog arabicAl-Nowair is doing another campaign for this month,called focus on the good. Their last campaign was the wall of gratitude at Marina Mall Bridge during ramadan. Didi any of you see it?

The details of the new campaign are as follows;

The Theme: We come across many moments in our day which leave a lasting impression on us. Moments that make us realize the goodness in something or of someone. Grab your camera (not mobile phone) and capture such a person/moment/object or whatever is your definition of goodness.


Competition Details

  • Our friends from 360 Mall have been kind enough to display the winning entries along with 20 shortlisted entries in the beginning of October 2013.
  • Entries close on 30th September 2013

You can get more information on the competition from the link –,

I have enjoyed all of Alnowair’s campaigns so far, they focus on the positive aspects of our environment and life; which we all deliberately chose to ignore because someone somewhere said to spew bile is better than zipping your trap!

Good Luck!


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startrails1 (1)

Since many of us are now walking about with a pro digital camera we most probably don’t know how to fully utilize, here is an exciting opportunity to actually learn what we can do with these pricey gadgets!

Q8 Expats photography Club will be having a workshop on Star Trail & Light Painting Photography; the concept is pretty simple. You keep the camera rolling for hours. It takes pictures of stars at preset intervals. Finally, you stack all the images and you get a sky filled with circular lines

To capture perfect Star Trails, you need to understand: 
1. Focusing 
2. Composition 
3. White Balance 
4 in. Single shot vs Stacking

BONUS: Since you will be out in the dark and the cameras wont be disturbed, you can also do Light Painting Photography. But yes, you need to carry a spare cam for that.
Below are the mentioned gears you will require to get the best results;

1. DSLR 
2. A sturdy tripod 
3. Cable release / intervalometer 
4. Extra batteries 
5. High capacity memory card 
6. Torch / Lights / Flash (for light painting)

There will be some refreshments but you are free to BBQ if you want!!!

Some useful tips: 
1. Make sure your car battery is in good condition 
2. Wear boots as the desert is unpredictable 
3. Bring a chair / mat to relax as its going to be a long night


Gathering Point:  The Sultan Center on 4th Ring Road @ 4:30 PM
Final Location is somewhere on Road No.. 70

You can contact:  Haroon Shabbir Hashmi

Cell: +965-6624-1155 to reserve your place!


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20121221_202225 (Medium)Samsung did a great job with smart phones especially with their release of Galaxy series such as Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, I know many who switched from iPhone to Android (I’m one of them) because of these phones. Now Samsung is expanding Galaxy series to photography world with two new smart cameras under the name Samsung Galaxy Camera which were designed with phone concept in mind.

20121221_202619 (Medium)There are two models; Samsung Galaxy Camera which is a point-and-shoot, and the NX210 smart camera (more like DSLR), I was lucky enough to get my hands on both cameras to test some of their features and options to get a first impression.

20121221_195640 (Medium)Samsung Galaxy Camera: Since I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II, many on Instagram are saying that my shots look greater even though I haven’t taken photography classes but it’s merely because the Galaxy Note 2 camera is great (except in some dark scenes) and the new Galaxy Camera is a lot better. So let’s talk about the specs shall we? First the camera is 16.3 megapixels backside-illuminated CMOS sensor that produces images with 4,608×3,456 resolution. I liked the 21X optical super zooming and the 23mm wide angle lens, it’s fast since it’s powered by Quad Core 1.4 Ghz processor and supports HSPA+ for Internet connection. The display is HD LCD with 4.8″ multi-touch screen which is the same size as Galaxy Note 2 screen. We can see the specs are great to begin with with but does this mean great photos?

20121221_195916 (Medium)Did I mention that the camera uses Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software? Browsing the menu was easy because it’s exactly similar to the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II phones menu (minus phone functions of course), it gets little clunky sometimes but overally good. I know that the high megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean best photos but Samsung Galaxy Camera produced nice images, the shutter speed runs from 16-1/2,000 second and maximum sensitivity is at ISO 3,200. Photos aside, the camera records HD 1080p videos and has a slow motion mode with 120 frames/secs.

Trial2 (Large)I had slight problem with the focus at times but I was able to capture clear shots (see above). The exciting part in my opinion is the integration of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean; you can browse the Internet, share/send photos over Instagram, email, What’sApp via Wi-Fi or 3G, also you can edit photos and videos with apps that you can download from Google Play store.

samsung-galaxy-camera-android-sDesign & Price: The Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with 10GB of built-in flash storage out of which 4 GB is available, it has Micro SD card and Micro USB sockets and HDMI output. Design-wise it’s sleek and can fit in the pocket, currently both cameras are available at BEST Electronics in Al Rai area and they said the price for Samsung Galaxy Camera is KD149 and for smart DSLR is KD249.

20121221_203443 (Medium)

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I always wondered how they were able to take great vintage pictures for the past decades in Kuwait, I’m talking about the years before 1900. A friend of mine emailed me a picture for vintage cameras (see above) from Kuwait that were used in the 1890-1920 period, can you imagine how old they are? The cameras are in a good condition and I was told they are still working, Masha’allah.

They are from the brands Kodak (too bad they broke) and Polaroid which was also a former instant camera and film maker. The cameras belongs to Mr. Hassan Ashkanani, I will try to ask if I can see them in person and possibly try to take pictures using them. I tried to search google for old rare pictures of Kuwait but could only find a few, if you got any please contact me.

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If you have been reading BananaQ8 blog long enough you would probably know that I love timelapse photography technique, a friend of ours has sent us this beautiful video that took 4 months to produce, more than 20,000 photos, and 58 continues working hours and the result is a state-of-the-art timelapse video. It’s not new but I haven’t seen it before.

Note: Set video resolution to HD 1080p.

Thanks [Hamed AlMazidi]

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I went to look for Macro lenses at A.A.B International Photographic Company (whew that was long) and saw they released the new Canon 650D for KD299.950 (ok KD300 I’ll pay the 50 fils). I was told the 650D is 18-megapixel and produces 5184 x 3456 pixels images, that’s big enough for A3 print, cool. It’s 6 times faster than 600D with 5fps shooting rate and has 2 new modes HDR Backlight Control and Handheld Night Scene, it also has touchscreen.

They said they will give free SD 8GB and tripod.


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I got my hands on the new DSLR Nikon, D3200, that arrived to Kuwait a few weeks ago. I heard it’s very competitive especially that it has some cool features such as 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, 4fps continuous shooting, Wi-Fi support (allows transferring High-res pictures), and HD video quality for a fair price. D3200 is also Nikon’s 2nd high highest-resolution DSLR after the 36-megapixel D800.

I opened the box to see that it comes with a charger, CD manual, Battery, USB cable, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lenses, and nice Nikon strap but no SD card, though ABB stores gave me a 4GB SD free of charge. As I held the camera, the weight and size were almost similar to my present Canon 600D.

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