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I went to the launching event of the new 6th generation of Range Rover, I gotta say the exterior design somehow looked similar to Ford Explorer but with luxurious touch. They said the body’s light because it’s made of Aluminum.

I saw they displayed many colors and interior options for customers to customize, but when they said the tentative price is KD38,000 my eyes got wide open, but I came to know that this price is for Vogue Supercharged, so the HSE trim is less expensive. Car prices in Kuwait are going through the roof lately but I think there will be a drop in price later, at least I hope. Range Rover is surely one of the most desired SUV’s in Kuwait, a short cruise on Gulf Road can tell you how much it’s loved. So do you think it’s hot ? Does it worth the cash?

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My friend was at Al Bisher & Al Kazemi showrooom and called me to tell me that the whole new generation of Merdedes G-Class 2013 has just arrived, I have been seriously thinking about getting this SUV because it does look hot and strong though when I asked about the price they said it starts at about KD35,000 for the 500 model and KD49,500 for the G-63 AMG model which exceeds my budget, they also said all were sold out already. They say the high price is because this car is 40% hand-made and the body is made of steel, plus the luxury features and interior. So do you think it’s hot or not and does it worth the price?

I was about to go to check it out but I found that our friend blogger Qabaq has written a detailed review and took many shots inside and outside, check it here

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I just saw the official Range Rover 2013 images that were revealed today, when I first saw it somehow looked like the bigger brother of the new Range Rover Evoque (with a bigger scale), but that’s just me.

They say the new 6th generation is lighter because body’s made of Aluminum, stronger and more refined. Also it has a more spacious and luxurious interior, Rover Rover is one of the top desired SUV’s in Kuwait. So honestly, do you think it’s hot or not? Does it worth the wait?

Update: Al Al Ghanim & Sons informed me that customers can now pre-order (not sure about price) Range Rover 2013 here

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A friend of ours spotted Nissan Patrol SUV performing crazy sideways and blocking the street, this is popular in Qatar and now in Kuwait. 

Thanks [Rubin]

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Would you ever vandalize your own car? I read this story about a Kuwaiti who actually vandalized his Jeep badly and parked it right in front of the agency at Al Rai to express his anger. What he actually did is spray his car and left notes inside the windshield saying “No spare parts”, “Bad service”, “Bad maintenance”, “No spare car”, “No follow up”…etc.

The agency had to cover the Jeep to keep attention off it. I usually get angry at my car agency but never thought I’d take it this far. The funny thing is that this story went international, see here

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The new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser has just arrived to Kuwait at Al Sayer showroom, it will be officially launched tomorrow at 360 Mall in an event. The price starts at 15,000 KD and climbs up to 22,000 for the full options model.

Some are saying the 2011 models looks better, what do you think?

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A reader E-mailed us this photo for a doorless Tron-styled SUV cruising back and forth on the Gulf Road last night. The alien SUV looks cool but obviously lacks safety standards big time!

Thanks [Salem]

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I had the chance to attend the official launching event for the long awaited Range Rover Evoque at Al Ghanim agency.

 I can say Range Rover is one of the most debated SUV’s, some find it sexy and others say its below average. Personally I liked what I saw for both interior and exterior.

The design was inspired by Victoria Beckham, I could sense  the girlish touches from the smaller size and stylish design.


There were two models, Coupé and four doors with price starting at 17,500 K.D for the four doors and 18,500 K.D for the Coupé.

 The features included 20” wheels, LED lights, CD, MP3, 8″ touch screen, DVD player, iPhone and iPod connectivity, Keyless entry, Bluetooth, USB, and option for panoramic roof.

Inside, seats were comfortable but I wish if it was more spacious. As for the trunk, its good for holding say medium sized bags.

Engine: 4-cylinder turbocharged 2.0L delivers 240hp and 250 lb.-ft of torque, 6-speed automatic Aisin transmission, and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 7 secs.

 Do I like it? Yes I find it stylish and futuristic, though I can’t recommend it for heavy duty users but its a perfect choice for girls and drivers who seek luxury and style.

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