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IMG_9019 (Large)I passed by Lexus agency in Shuweikh to pickup the Lexus LS460 2013 which has undergone major facelift for two days to test drive. Lexus has always been one of the most demanded luxury cars in Kuwait especially the LS460 which has three models; the large, the short and the new sport. I picked the LS460L which made driving experience a lot funnier and safer.

Design: My first impression is that this sedan does look luxurious and prestigious with strong identity, Lexus has added several elements to make this car looks distinguished such as spindle grille in the front. It’s large on the outside and spacious inside, sitting on the front or rear seats is indeed very comfy. 

IMG_8885 (Large)Engine: LS is powered by a 4.6-liter V-8 engine that produces 386 horsepower and accelerates from 0-100 Km/hr in 5.4 secs, this means the engine is the same and was only improved slightly from the previous LS460 models. However, LS460 has relatively lower engine performance when compared to say BMW 750 or Mercedes S500 but there are other features that makes LS460L great choice such as the 8-speed automatic transmission which makes the car really smooth on the road even in high speeds.

IMG_9016 (Large)Features: This car has numerous smart options and features, I don’t know where to even start, please note that I was given the low options LS460 so the full options model has even more features. First I liked that the car has strong Xenon lights with adaptive front lighting system and bright LED rear lights, also the dashboard looked great in the evening and I liked the large Navigation system with 12.3″ screen, there was a mouse in the center to easily browse the display menu. The electrical rear curtains give privacy to passengers, the rear camera is high resolution and this car “Really Does Park Itself” using the advanced parking assist. Other features include GPS-controlled clock so time and date change as location changes, sound system with 5.1 channels and 10 speakers plus DVD player, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth. Add to this sun roof, smart key system, A/C & heater seats, 3 memory switches…etc.

IMG_8992 (Large)Driving Experience: If there’s one thing I would buy Lexus for then because its super comfy and smooth on the road, I can barely feel the rough roads and asphalt. Also it was really quiet inside with no wind noise what so ever, thanks to the engineers that designed the body of the car with consideration for aerodynamics (study of the properties of moving air), driving at 140 Km/hr felt like 80 Km/hr. There was an option to switch driving mode between Comfy, ECOmode, Sport, and Sport+, for instance the Sport+ will make the car more stable and improve the braking and steering and give higher performance. The fuel consumption was great too, and the safety measure are high in this car, there are 10 air bags for driver and passenger and the blind spot detector feature helps you detect any cars in the blind zone.

IMG_8951 (Large)Price & Shortcomings: All these hot features don’t come cheap, the LS460L (low options) costs KD29,500 and full options KD33,000, and the LS460 short KD26,600. In my opinion the only drawback in this car is the relatively lower engine performance when compared to say BMW 750 & Mercedes S500, also I wish if the rims were bigger than 19″ and looked more shiny, but I believe this is non-issue with the full options model.

IMG_8930 (Large)

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So as promised here I come with my review for the new 6th generation of Mercedes-Benz SL350 model 2013, this car is surely among the most desired and sexy looking sport-luxury cars around the world. I remember I always wanted to drive SL back in the 90’s, what I liked about convertible cars in general that they look totally different when the roof is opened, I mean driving and being able to see the blue sky and feel the fresh air feels awesome especially at this time of the year when the weather is amazing.

Design: The new SL 2013 looks sexier on the outside and inside than the previous generation, somehow it looked liked it’s a mix or a composite; SLS from the front, SLK from the back, and SLR from the side. The new generation is not only sexier but also longer (50 mm+) and wider (57 mm+) and this gives more spacious interior and comfort for driver and passenger, they say it’s 140KG lighter than before because the body is made of aluminum. I liked that the SL350 also comes with AMG sport cut, so bigger rims and nicer looking exhaust and body style.

Engine: There are three models; SL63, SL500, and SL350 based on the engine capacity. The SL350 is equipped with 3.5 liter V6 engine delivering 305 horsepower and accelerates from 0-100 in 5.9 secs which is 0.3 secs faster than older model, and top speed is 210 KM/Hr. I’ve to admit that I liked the engine roar, also the seven-speed automatic transmission made gear shifts feel smooth.

Features: I observed that SL350 lots of features and options that makes driving experience easy and enjoyable, but it’s great how I was able to recognize most of th features without reading manual. Features included all LED (adaptive headlights, break lights, signals…etc.), keyless entry, parking assist that automatically parks the car, bluetooth, USB socket, fast retractable vario-roof, navigation system, button to change transparent roof between light and dark, MP3, seat adjustments, self-closing trunk, 10-speaker Harman/Kardon sound system with 6-disc DVD/CD, rear camera, ECO system that turns off car when it’s in idle mode among many others.

Driving Experience: Personally, I think this is the most important thing, SL350 felt smooth and stable on the road (thanks to the traction-control) and made driving really easy. There was an option to switch the suspension system between sport and comfy, steering was great on turns and breaking was efficient even though it was raining. Safety is also high, I noticed 6 air bags, a first aid kit, fire distinguisher and there’s a new pre-safe technology by Mercedes which supposedly makes the car senses if there’s an imminent accident and take safety measures. I liked the fuel consumption, I read on the fuel cap that using super gasoline is ok so need for the expensive ultra super. There was a net (back wing) to reduce wind noise and disturbance when driving and vario-roof is open, nice.

Shortcomings: Even though I’m impressed with SL350 there were a few flaws, first all these cool features don’t come cheap, starting cash price is KD35,000 and climbs to KD37,000 with extra options. There was totally no space in back seat for 3rd person, I couldn’t find the blind spot detectors on side mirrors as in other Mercedes-Benz classes, sometimes doors don’t open right away when you use keyless entry, and there was no touch screen.

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My friend got the whole new SL 350 model 2013 for a test drive and luckily he said I can also test drive it and post about my experience on the blog. So far I’m impressed with the engine performance and features, I’ll give you my full impression shortly, including the safety features, stability, fuel consumption, interior and exterior design, and of course price.

If you have any particular questions or queries about this car please do let me know so I can check and provide you with all the answers. Check the sneak peek video below and stay tuned for my detailed review.

Thanks [Abdulrahman]

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Today I’ll share with you my thrilling experience for my test-drive experiences for one of the world’s most desired supercars, Ferrari, at Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit.


[YouTube link]

Guess what? it was thrilling by all means, we were the only representatives from Kuwait (Thanks to Al Zayani agency) to try the Ferrari California 2012 on a real Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi.

I arrived at the Yas Hotel where a group from Ferrari Middle East and International F1 drivers were waiting for us in the lobby, then we straight ahead went to the race circuit where they explained to us the driving rules.


[YouTube link]

My blood pressure was rising, my adrenaline was bumping as I sat behind the wheel facing a speed track, I knew I can drive as fast as I can not fearing speed cams.

We were giving a total of 14 laps, I drove with speeds exceeding 250 KM/Hr but the steep turns weren’t easy but Ferrari excellent handling made the scary maneuvers fun!

Guess what? That wasn’t everything because we were also given the chance try the wet-track drifting and I can tell you guys that Ferrari traction-control is astounding, I was literally trying to get it to slip, seriously.

 I was enjoying the Ferrari engine sound, using F1 manual gearbox is a lot fun than the automatic mode.

We were given an F1 driving certificate from Ferrari and took a Fishfayce shot, it was a long thrilling and full of action day that I’ll never forget.

At the end of the test-driving event, we thanked Ferrari Middle East team for this thrilling experience, we tried to take many shots so you can feel like you were with us.

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We were given a chance to test-drive the new Mercedes-Benz C350 Coupe 2012 during the weekend.


Honestly, I saw the C350 ads and I so wanted to be behind the wheel and see how it feels on the road.

We liked the exterior look and the AMG body cut added even more sexiness and aggressiveness. Also inside it was spacious, comfortable, and easy to handle.

 It has many cool features such as Lane Departure alert, Blind spot detector, all LED lights, 7G Tronic transmission, F1 and cruise control, adaptive front lights,navigation system, rear camera, USB, DVD video, Bluetooth, AUX for iPhone and iPad.

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I was at the Avenues last night and I saw that Volkswagen agency has built a small test-drive arena in the center of the mall, nice.

 I heard people will have the chance to test-drive a selection of Volkswagen models, this is what I call smart marketing.

I hope there’re enough safety measures though.

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We were offered by Al Bisher and Al Kazemi to test-drive the new generation of Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 2012, and we gladly accepted the offer. Honestly, I’d do anything to get a chance to drive this car especially after making my initial review about it.

We tried our best to highlight all the CLS 500 features on the road, and we hope you enjoy our test-drive as much as we did !


[YouTube Link]

Here’s the second part of the test-drive.


[YouTube Link]

What do I really think ? Well, I find the CLS 500 2012 as one of the finest luxury cars out there on the road.

I’d absolutely give it 10/10 with no second thought !

We wish to take this moment to thank Al Bisher and Al Kazemi for giving us this amazing chance to test-drive one of the sexiest car ever made.



Tel: 1-833-111

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I just downloaded the new Mercedes-Benz Albisher & Kazemi new iPhone application. The free application allows you to book a test-drive for any Mercedes model, it also provides you with service centers, latest offers and newest Mercedes models and prices.

I wish all other car agencies in Kuwait develop their iPhone application, but I’m still wondering why they don’t consider the Android users ?

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