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تظنون منو بتكون فوازيرها أنجح هالسنة ؟

فوازير ميريام فارس على قناة  القاهرة



مسلسلات حليمة 2 على قناة ام بي سي 1


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23 Responses to “مسلسلات حليمة Vs فوازير ميريام فارس”

  1. watean says:

    shfeeha beyonce !!

    mariam fares .. is she trying to be a raper or some kinda stripper !!! i didn’t get the advertisment :s

    any way i think those thing are bad to be watching in the holy month .. 9alat eltarawee7 ma galat shay :p oo mesalsal ” al 8a38aa3 ” ham ma gal shay … at least we got some benifit x)

    • watean says:

      and about halema ?…..

      we’ll give her another chance hehehe

      اهم شي لمن تقول بالإعلان ” حاتلاقي حاجتك عنتشناااااااااا” قصدها عندنا بس بالحليمي او بالمصري احم احم .. بتخلي المصاروه ينقدون علينا الله يهداها مو عارفة تقولها .. احلى شي الحمره الفوشي قوم حظ الإعلان ;)

      • TaZmaNiA says:

        لووول عاد المخرج يقول اختارها عشان لهجتها المصرية قويه :)
        بس يقولج السر كلا بالحمره الفووشي :p

  2. Aseel says:

    I am on Meriam Faris team… I am sick of Halimaaaaaaa

  3. Waazaap says:

    Eww for both, I agree with watean, in Ramadan we shouldn’t be watching these kind of shows.
    For me I never watch any series or arabic shows, they are lame, while everyone in Ramadan is talking about I don’t know who that became the star of the series and I don’t know what series that is the best in Ramadan in their opinion, I just listen quietly coz I think there are better things to do than watching these kind of show and as I don’t know who said Ramadan is chance so don’t waste it :)
    and sorry for taking so long

  4. Chubby-Doll says:

    they both suxxx ..

  5. Thabet-Aden says:

    أحب ميريام جداً بس…لانها تجربتها الاولى…مش عارف، اعتقد حتكون حليمة احلى بالدلع اللي يميزها على طول ;)

  6. KUKU says:

    athnainhm no comment ;p

  7. q8travelbud says:

    anything seems better than Halima…

  8. Alya says:

    I am against both! Shino hal kharabee6?? elnas fi Ramathan tabi itabi3 shay mofeed or at least entertaining in a good way. But this is cheap, trashy and annoying.


  9. Gray says:

    ah! are you serious its better to closet the TV instead of watching these craps :\

    • TaZmaNiA says:

      I never watched such things & I don’t even have receiver installed
      in my room :) its just that I wanted to see how people react with
      the 2 musical shows. Thanks for your advice dear

  10. Lindoucha says:

    7alima tab3an

  11. وفاء says:

    مريام فارس شابة بصح حليمة خبرة ونتمنى تنجح حليمة على خاطر نبغيهه بزاف بزاف

  12. وفاء says:

    حنا نبغو حليمة على خاطر جات مع الجزائر ضد امريكا
    وفاء الجزائر

  13. مرمر says:

    الله يلعنكم انتم وام مكوه اسفنج حليمه

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