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I studied structural engineering partly because I love how tall structures have always captured my attention & how city scapes drove my imaginations. In this post, I wanted to share with you 10 of what I think are the most beautiful city skylines around the world. Some of humanity’s most impressive engineering victories can be seen here, & with their fellow buildings create an effect that is aesthetically on a par with anything nature has to offer, I think. Of course, the lists are subjective, But I tried to make subjectivity a science. Top 3 places have gone to Hong Kong, New York & Shanghai. For this list of the world’s most beautiful 10 Skylines, I used these as criteria:

1. Iconic & Architectural: It would add a lot of beauty if the city had uniquely designed buildings & an iconic structure.

2. Height: It may not be everything, but it does impress.

3. Beauty: Cities located by seas, lakes or rivers had most of my judges. Also the world’s best skylines should be in harmony with the surrounding natural environment & look great day & night.


NOTE: if you have a different opinion then please share it with me :)

10. Chicago, U.S.A

9. Toronto, Canada

toronto8. Seattle, USA


7. Singapore

Singapore Skyline - 3

6. Sydney, Australia

Sydney-Skyline-australia-509534_1600_1200 5. Frankfurt, Germanyfrankfurt

4. Dubai, U.A.E

3. Shanghai, China

Shanghai 017

2. New York, USA

new-york-skyline-at-night 1. Hong Kong, China


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12 Responses to “World Most Beautiful Skylines أجمل مناظر مدن في العالم”

  1. Waazaap says:

    I Love skylines, beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Seema* says:

    Athkr we9alni email feh hal.9owar w kan akhrah 9ora thalma w kan eta3leQ: hathy el.kuwait..m3a ta7eyat 7amlat tarsheed! ;p

  3. what about adding a skyline shot for our beloved Kuwait.

    Taken by me

  4. Gray says:

    perfect shots
    I love high buildings

  5. noon says:

    11. kuwait city , kuwait :P

  6. miszmas says:

    most the beautiful city n island that i visited is malaysia…they had many different races,religion,the higher unique building n the tropica environmental

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